Reasons to do business with Trisbee.

It’s free. Seriously!
We support businesses and don't require any minimum turnover. Payment acceptance is always free for businesses.
Fast and easy
Registering your business takes less than 5 minutes and is all online. We then confirm each transaction immediately via SMS and send you the cash daily. It’s that fast!
Make your customers happy!
A world of new and satisfied customers will open up to you. In addition, a bonus will be credited to your account for each new customer paying via Trisbee.

Trisbee services for your business.

Payment acceptance
Receive payments instantly. Forget POS devices, you just need a QR :)
New & satisfied customers
At the Trisbee Club, you move your business forward. Customers will experience your payments at a new level. They just won't want to go anywhere else!
Coming soon
Cashback & Exclusive offers
Offer cashbacks, discounts and special offers in the app for everyone to see.

Join our ever growing tribe of merchants.

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  • "Through Trisbee, I function both as a regular user and as well as a Merchant ( - the app is great in both directions and saves a lot of time. In addition, we avoided the problem of setting up a payment terminal in our studio. If I forget my wallet, Trisbee will save it. Thanks!"

    Jakub Klecka & Founder of Leathery

  • "Why we chose Trisbee? Because we were done compromising. We wanted something convenient not only for our customers, but for us too. We are really happy about our choice. Working with Trisbee is so easy and their customer care really “cares' about you"

    Jiri, Owner at Bistro pri Tocne

  • "At our social beer garden Burza #4, we've been using Trisbeee now the third summer season. Unlike with POS machine, we haven't encountered any technical problems so far. Plus it helps us save thousands of crowns because there are no fixed fees nor transaction fees. Our customers got used to Trisbee quickly and many of them don't use cash anymore, which really speeds up the checkout process. The outcome? Happier customers! If only the whole world were working as smoothly as cooperation with Trisbee!"

    Josef, Manager at Burza#4

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Say goodbye to the plastic card

At Trisbee, we have one goal - to say goodbye to the card giants and their fees so you can increase your profits and invest in your business and customers. Join us!

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