Café & Bistro Pri Tocne - When you put your heart into it

They are living proof that when you put your heart into what you do, you can make your business dream come true. Even without any previous experience. You just have to steel yourself and don't let bureaucracy stand in your way.

Café & Bistro Pri Tocne - When you put your heart into it
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When Jiří and Hana Bokr opened the door to their small village café for the first time on February 3, 2020, they had absolutely no idea what was ahead of them. None of them had had any previous experience with running a café, neither being an entrepreneur. But they had a dream. And the courage. So they decided to change their comfy corporate chair for a never-ending stream of work in their own coffee shop.

"Do you accept cards?”

What might seem like an innocent question is for most small business owners actually a nightmare. The answer YES costs them a lot of paperwork, waiting period and unnecessary costs. POS device isn't exactly a cheap thing to have, not to mention the fees merchants have to pay for each transaction. “There are payment terminal providers, who charge you a bit less than 2%, but we weren't willing to give away even a penny anymore. We weren't sure we were gonna be still here in a year. And after the shenanigans with electronic evidence of sales we were looking for something simple, cheap and comfortable. We wanted something convenient not only for our customers, but for us too. We were done compromising.”

While card payments are becoming increasingly popular in the Czech Republic, in the number of merchants enabling cashless payments we remain far behind the rest of Europe. It's a bit of a paradox as it's a proven fact that people spend about 18% more when paying with a card compared to cash. Accepting cashless payments should pay off in the end.

Fast, easy and comfortable - for both customers and merchants

Then the coronavirus pandemic came and raised hygiene standards and concerns about safety of cash transactions inevitably leading to increased interest in contactless payments among consumers. Merchants were literally pushed to start accepting contactless payments. “The urgency really picked up. We were weighing our options, trying to find the best solution when we came across Trisbee on Google Play. We haven't heard about it before but we liked the simplicity. And green is calming. So we decided to give it a try. We were pleasantly surprised by the service we received and the kindness of the customer support.”

It's nothing unusual that you have to wait several weeks before getting a POS machine. To get started with Trisbee takes 15 minutes of your time and you don't even have to get up from your chair. The registration can be done from your phone. And you can start receiving payments from your customers the very same day. Once your business is added to the app, you receive your merchant's QR code which is very convenient for fast checkout.

Every merchant is assigned to a contact person who they can reach out to anytime. Our clients are not just contacts for us, they are people we are building a relationship with. We root for their success as our own success is intertwined with theirs.

Money in a bank account the next business day

It's not an exception that with POS terminals merchants sometimes wait several days for the funds to reach their bank account. At Trisbee we know that behind every successful business is a healthy cash flow, that's why our merchants have their money in their bank account the next business day.

“The big advantage is that thanks to this simple and user-friendly app we were able to dramatically shorten the payment cycle. Money reaches our bank account the next working day. And without any fees.”


Jiří and Hana Bokr overcame the obstacles thrown at them by the pandemic with their tenacity and compassionate approach to their clientele. And thanks to Trisbee they outsmarted going cashless without the need of paying for a POS device. 

Are you still paying fees for cashless transactions? Register with us. It's completely free, so you can put what you earn back into your business.